China opens doors to Peruvian firms seeking strategic partners

Banco de China

Banco de China

13:41 | Lima, Jun. 8.

In May, the Bank of China —the world's fifth biggest bank— invited a delegation of Peruvian enterprises to boost trade between Peru and China, by holding a series of meetings with several government and private sector agencies to establish a bilateral dialogue and trade ties.

"The mission to China gave us the tools needed to boost business ties with the future’s largest economy in the world.  This is the right moment to start trade ties with China; it is like initiating trade relations with the United States in the 50s," Palo Alto Inmobiliaria General Manager Alfredo Rolando Grosman affirmed.

According to Offra Elmkies —partner of consulting firm Mavila&Elmkies— "China has shown a great interest in Peru, and our new alliances will contribute to increase trade ties between both countries."

11 Peruvian companies were invited to join the mission to China, including Palo Alto Inmobiliaria, Mavila & Elmkies, Danper, Agroindustrias Cortado, Grupo Organico, Casamar, Incalcapa, Perhusa, Mar Foods, CLS Peru and EY.

The Peruvian delegation participated in business roundtables with Chinese investors and executive directors at Alibaba Group, Bank of China and China Industrial Overseas Development Association (CODA) —the latter is a highly influential government agency on foreign trade policy.


Published: 6/8/2016
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