CADE 2019 concludes in Peru, entrepreneurs urged to stay away from corruption

10:01 | Paracas (Ica region), Nov. 30.

Corruption is not inherent to our business class, CADE 2019 Chairman Luis Estrada said, noting that entrepreneurs have been urged to stay completely away from it, at the CADE-Executives 2019 held in Paracas.

"Corruption is not inherent in our business class. On the contrary, it is an element that distorts the market," he expressed.

Estrada reminded attendees that the market system has enough resources and arguments to make the economy grow and defeat poverty.

He also called on entrepreneurs to become aware of the social role played by companies, an aspect in which creation of value will be valid only if there is equitable distribution of wealth to generate well-being.

In turn, Peruvian Institute of Business Administration (IPAE) Chairwoman Elena Conterno called on entrepreneurs, politicians, opinion leaders, judges, and prosecutors to put ethics at the center and contribute to creating opportunities for all Peruvians.

"There were sessions about the major challenges we have as a country, such as resuming economic growth, improving quality of services, strengthening institutionalism, and prioritizing integrity, as well as a session on gender equity, with young candidates running for Congress," she commented.

Remarks were made during the closing ceremony of the Annual Conference of Executives (CADE-Executives 2019) held in the city of Paracas on November 27-29.


Published: 11/30/2019
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