BBC, CNN, El Pais, Fusion hail Peru's first Quechua news program

"Ñuqanchik", las noticias de Perú y el mundo en quechua

13:58 | Lima, Dec. 13.

Leading TV broadcast networks and newspapers around the world such as London-based BBC, Spanish-language version of CNN, Spain's El Pais and Univision's Fusion noted the launch of Peru's first news program in Quechua this Monday.

Their corresponding websites reported on such milestone in the information integration process of Quechua speakers in the Andean country.

The influential media outlets noted not only the quality and scope of production, but the team of Quechua speaking communicators behind it.

The production's target population was also stressed by foreign media. 

CNN, for instance, notes Peru has begun to broadcast its first news program in Quechua, an ancient language spoken by at least 13% of the population. 

The BBC informed the hour-long program, entitled Ñuqanchik (We), will be aired from Monday to Friday at 5:30 AM (local time) on radio and TV.

It also quoted a message sent by Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in Quechua.

On the other hand, El Pais reported that journalist and writer Hugo Coya, President of National Radio and Television Institute of Peru (IRTP) and author of said initiative, remarked the potential of such innovative news program.

"TV Peru has a total penetration of 90% of the national territory, while the private channel with the most coverage only covers 55%. Ñuqanchik will be simultaneously broadcast by Radio Nacional —a Peruvian radio station covering over 80% of the territory," reads the article.

The publication also underlined that both presenters were born in Apurimac, in the southern highlands of Peru. 

Marisol Mena, a bilingual intercultural education teacher and communicator, was chosen out of 200 candidates; whereas Clodomiro Landeo is a 35-year experienced radio speaker who has hosted an early morning program at Radio Nacional for 11 years commenting on happenings in Quechua. 

Owned by Univision Communications, noted Peru's attempt to fight discrimination against indigenous people and move towards becoming a more inclusive country.


Published: 12/13/2016
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