Ancient Peruvian treasures on display in Washington D.C.

Peruvian Gold

Peruvian Gold

17:48 | Lima, Apr. 12.

An impressive exhibition featuring gold and silver artifacts of Peru’s pre-Inca period is on display at the National Geography Society Museum in Washington D.C.
The exhibition is titled “Peruvian Gold: Ancient Treasures Unearthed” and features extraordinary pieces belonging to the Moche and Sican cultures which grown along the Peruvian northern coast.

The remarkable exhibition features funerary masks, textiles, ceremonial ornaments, ceramics and jewelry which are highlights of the stunning examples of the ancient treasures unearthed.

Peruvian Gold will take visitors on a journey through the lavishly illustrated stories from the pages of National Geographic that have documented these discoveries. The exhibition uses many maps, timelines, photos, text panels, and video to bring this journey to life.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is El Tocado, the largest and most ornate pre-Columbian headdress ever discovered. It dates from the Middle Sican period (A. D. 900-1100) and has not been displayed in the United States prior to this event.

This exhibition is a visual representation of National Geographic’s longstanding relationship with Peru, which began with National Geographic’s coverage of Hiram Bingham’s excavation of Machu Picchu in 1911.

Moreover, it explains how the artifacts reflect the customs, beliefs, and ideals of the cultures that produced and utilized them. A map and timeline of Peru’s earliest cultures serve as the starting point for visitors. It then continues with theiconography, craftsmanship, and ceremonial heritage of these complex societies.

The exhibition is organized thematically with the first group emphasizing the importance of symbolism in cultures from the Andean nation through intricate animal masks and impressive breastplates worn by dignitaries and priests. 

It then moves to highlight objects that illustrate ancient Peruvian craftsmanship, attire, rituals, and even libations.
By completing the journey through Ancient Peru, visitors will have the opportunity to not only explore ancient Peruvian civilizations, but develop a better understanding of why these cultures still dazzle the world today.


Published: 4/12/2014