Amazing natural destinations to visit in Peru

09:29 | Lima, Feb. 12.

Peru is an amazing country that is worth visiting, and what better way to do this than by exploring its beautiful landscapes and enjoying high-adrenaline moments across the South American country's protected natural areas.

By doing so, travelers will get in touch with the territory's rich biodiversity and pick up the best vibes.

Below is a list of five options to visit Peru's protected natural areas along with family and friends. 

1. Paracas National Reserve

Location: Paracas (Ica region)

This is a classic summer destination, in which heavenly beaches and the beautiful desert within the area provide an unforgettable experience to visitors.

The site holds many surprises like Yumaque and Mendieta beaches (in the southern area), where camping is allowed.


Marine wildlife watching, kayaking, fishing, cycling, trekking, kitesurfing, paragliding, and camping. 

2. Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary

Location: Ferreñafe (Lambayeque region)

Enjoy a memorable horseback ride around the nearly 6,000-hectare carob forest and get immersed in a magical experience as you explore Sican culture pyramids, one of the largest legacies in Peru's history.   


Bird watching, trekking, cycling, and horseback riding.

3. Palomino Islets. Guano Islands, Isles, and Capes National Reserve System 

Location: Callao region

Discover the largest seal colony along the Peruvian Coast at just an hour away from Callao. There, thousands of seals rest and swim, sharing the space with guano birds and other sea mammals.   


Marine wildlife (seals, Humboldt penguins, humpback whales, and dolphins) watching and boat trips.

4. Tumbes Mangroves National Sanctuary

Location: Zarumilla (Tumbes region)

This protected area is home to majestic mangroves with wetlands, forests, and trees of up to 25 meters. This green paradise is a must-see for those who will visit northern Tumbes region.


Flora and fauna watching plus boat trips.

5. Mejia Lagoons National Sanctuary

Location: Islay Province (Arequipa region)

This is one of the few spots to see migratory birds from other continents along their north-south migration routes. The place houses up to 212 bird species including the blue heron, the white-bellied heron, and the grey gull.


Bird watching, trekking, and cycling.


Published: 2/12/2020
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