Peru's President: Eight-hour international flights to be allowed in Nov

Photo: ANDINA/Renato Pajuelo

Photo: ANDINA/Renato Pajuelo

17:37 | Lima, Oct. 21.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday announced that international flights lasting up to eight hours will be allowed to arrive in Peru starting November, thereby expanding the current four hours.

"Starting November, the radius of permitted international flights will be expanded. Currently, international flights lasting up to four hours are authorized, and we are increasing the allowed time of flights up to eight hours," he expressed.

"The Ministry of Transport and Communications will coordinate efforts to implement this measure," he stressed.

Within this framework, the Head of State said Peru will be strict in overseeing that passengers, who enter the national territory, bring a negative molecular-test result.

"Thousands of passengers have come this season, in which international trips resumed, and a few dozens have entered without (prior) molecular testing; we are not going to allow that. We are going to be much more strict, and we will coordinate with the airlines because if someone arrives without their molecular-test results, we will immediately put them on the plane back to their place of origin," Mr. Vizcarra underlined.

"Flights of up to eight hours carrying passengers can arrive in Peru, but their passengers must hold the corresponding molecular-test results, which guarantee that they will not come with the virus," he added.

Today's remarks were made during a televised address to the nation from the Government Palace in Lima.

President Vizcarra was joined by Prime Minister Walter Martos and other Cabinet members on the occasion.


Published: 10/21/2020
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