National Geographic to show wonders of Peru on occasion of national holidays

12:18 | Lima, Jul. 22.

National Geographic will launch a special programming on the occasion of Peru's Independence Day, including Wild Peru and Explorer shows, which will feature the beauty of the Peruvian jungle, the mystery of the Nazca Lines, among other attractions.

Wild Peru will air "Survival to the Limit," where the ecosystems, fauna and flora of Peru will be appreciated. All this accompanied by the presence of wild animals.

Additionally, it will include Andes Battleground, which is divided into two episodes. 

In the case of Explorer —the longest-running documentary television series, recipient of 52 Emmy Awards, 13 Cable ACE awards, the Genesis and Peabody Awards, and twice nominated for Academy Awards— it will present two episodes featuring Phil Keoghan on his trip to Peru to explore the Mysterious Boiling River of Mayantuyacu: the enigma of the Peruvian Amazon, as well as exploring the Nazca Lines.


Published: 7/22/2020
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