World Bank: Peru's agriculture sector sees steady growth



08:30 | Lima, Mar. 1.

Peru's agricultural productivity has been on a steady rise even since 1990 —if compared to other Latin American countries— as it has doubled over previous decades, a World Bank research revealed.

Titled Gaining Momentum in Peruvian Agriculture, the study noted Peru's agricultural GDP expanded by an average of 3.3% between 2000 and 2015, higher than those of its regional and structural peers.

Another conclusion of this thorough analysis is that the Inca country's agricultural sector relies on a wide diversity of productive activities.

In this sense, the World Bank underscores Peru's coast presents higher productivity thanks to agro-exports, whereas it is lower in the highlands, which is the supplying region for local markets.

Potential growth

With these results, World Bank projects the farming sector counts on an important potential to contribute to the nation's future sustained growth, thus reducing poverty rates.


Published: 3/1/2018