Peru: Lima Stock Exchange joins gender equality celebrations with bell ringing

Campanazo en la Bolsa de Valores a favor de la igualdad de género. Foto: ANDINA/Melina Mejía

11:41 | Lima, Mar. 8.

Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) on Thursday joined worldwide International Women's Day celebrations of gender equality with the traditional bell ringing ceremony.

BVL Chairman Marco Zaldivar highlighted women's critical role in enterprise development and country's economic growth.

Held at BVL headquarters in Lima, the ceremony was attended by Ministers Ana Maria Choquehuanca (Women and Vulnerable Populations), Lieneke Schol (Production), Elsa Galarza (Environment), and Angela Grossheim (Energy and Mines).

According to BVL head, Peru has made major strides in gender equality, although there are tasks that need to be accomplished.

"For instance, women hold 15% of board seats worldwide, 7% in Latin America, and only 3% in Peru,” he underlined.

This way, BVL joined 60 stock exchanges around the world that started their trading day with the traditional bell ringing ceremony on the occasion of International Women's Day.


Published: 3/8/2018