Peru: Head of State condemns and denies involvement in acts of corruption

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic

22:54 | Lima, Nov. 29.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Monday denied having participated in acts favoring particular interests and noted that anyone who has betrayed his trust and takes advantage of their position must be investigated and punished by judicial bodies.

In a televised Address to the Nation, the Head of State explained that official meetings are held at the headquarters of the Government Palace, while visits of a personal nature are received at home.

"I strongly deny having participated in irregular acts that have favored particular interests. For this reason, I welcome the fact that competent bodies would undertake a rapid and thorough investigation," he said.

The country's top official noted that, since he took office, a minority of political parties and economic groups have not accepted electoral results and have always tried to undermine the popular will.

"They never accepted that a farmer, a community patrol, or a teacher can lead the nation and promote structural change in the country," Mr. Castillo said in his message.

He went on to say that said groups aim to vacate the President without any basis and with absolute irresponsibility, with the consequences of these anti-democratic acts for the population.

Moreover, the Peruvian leader mentioned that they have tried to get him involved with discredited politicians and people linked to acts of corruption so as to tarnish his honor and reputation.

"They have looked for a way to associate the Government of the people with acts of corruption. In view of this, I firmly condemn and deny my involvement in any act of corruption," he reiterated.

In his speech, the President underscored that his Government is particularly focused on assisting the victims of the quake that struck the region of Amazonas last Sunday.


Published: 11/29/2021
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