Peru Gov't begins to deliver 300 tons of food to 97 indigenous communities in Loreto

12:37 | Lima, Sep. 27.

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis), through the national school feeding program Qali Warma, has begun to deliver 300 tons of high quality and safe food products to 14,606 citizens in 97 communities belonging to Urarinas and Kukama-Kukamiria indigenous peoples living in the district of Urarinas (Loreto region).

The river boat left Jose Silfo Alvan del Castillo-Masusa Pier in Punchana district on a trip to Maypuco (Urarinas). 

Before that, the delivery —of the goods aimed at vulnerable populations—  was thoroughly supervised from the warehouse to the pier.

The delivered foodstuffs include noodles, rice, legumes such as beans, milk, sugar, among others, which are transported through the Amazonas and Marañon basins under COVID-19 biosafety protocols.

The foods have been produced based on technical specifications required by the country's health authority and Qali Warma, in line with the Healthy Food Law. Thus, they do not exceed the level of recommended sugar and fat intake.

This aid is carried out within the framework of Legislative Decree No. 1472, which allows the aforementioned social program to buy and deliver food at the request of district municipalities, ministries, among others.

Thus, the decree expands Qali Warma's coverage to exceptionally include people in situation of vulnerability in the current context of health emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The distribution is carried out through municipalities and sectors that may require so.

Qali Warma explained that this delivery is made at the request of the Municipality of Urarinas.


Published: 9/27/2020
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