President Vizcarra: Peru's economy has been recovering month by month

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

Photo: ANDINA/Archive

15:00 | Lima, Sep. 16.

The President of the Republic Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday highlighted the fact that Peru's economy has been recovering month by month, as evidenced by the rate recorded last July (-11.71%), after having hit the bottom in April (-39.93%) due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We also see that the economy has been recovering month after month," he expressed.

As is known, national GDP registered negative growth rates in March (-16.66%), April (-39.93%), May (-32.72%), June (-18.06%), and July (-11.71%).

"March was affected and saw a 16% decline in the economy. It neared -40% in April, but the recovery began from there (…)," he indicated.

The President also stressed that an important factor in the economic recovery is investment, adding that the Government is taking the necessary measures to encourage private investment and generate confidence among investors.

Remarks were made during a meeting with representatives of the Association of Municipalities of Peru (AMPE), the Network of Urban and Rural Municipalities of Peru (Remurpe) and the National Assembly of Regional Governments (ANGR).

The event took place at Lima Convention Center.


Publicado: 16/9/2020