Peru launches second phase of Superfoods campaign in Germany

13:55 | Berlin (Germany), Feb. 7.

The second phase of Superfoods Peru international campaign began with the opening of Pavilion Peru at Fruit Logistica fair in Germany, Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) reported Wednesday.

According to PromPeru, this stage includes promotion activities in two major cities in Germany so that both professionals and final consumers learn about the benefits of Peruvian products.

The "Superfoods Peru" campaign promotes the following health boosters: quinoa, kiwicha, canihua, maca, yacon, chestnuts, carob tree, sacha inchi, Cusco's giant corn, purple corn, camu camu berries, cherimoya, soursop, lucuma, mangoes, grapes, tangerines, and anchovies.

Well-known blueberries, asparagus, broccoli, avocados, pomegranates, cacao, and chocolates will be showcased as well. 

These efforts are expected to generate more than US$220 million in deals.

Great demand 

The national delegation at the event expects strong demand for Peruvian products given the good reception they've had since the fair opened its doors.

Peru's promotion activities at Fruit Logistica 2018 will include seminars, tastings, and a Superfoods Peru cocktail party.

The Andean country's participation is organized by Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry (Mincetur), and German-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Fruit Logistica is the leading international food branch fair of the global fruit and vegetable trade.

The 14th edition kicked off today and will run thru February 9.


Published: 2/7/2018