Peru: Puno's Virgen de la Candelaria festivity kicks off

15:34 | Puno (Puno region), Feb. 2.

Peru's southeastern city of Puno began celebration activities to pay homage to Virgen de la Candelaria with the traditional "Entry of Kapus."

Entry of Kapus means a walk through the city's streets, where locals use animals to carry firewood collected from local hills.

In this sense, authorities and citizens gathered at Alejandro Deustua Arch to participate in this event organized by the Regional Prefecture of Puno.

At the site, the traditional Mother Earth tribute paying ceremony —also known as Pachamama— took place.

Afterwards, locals shared the traditional "Quqawi" —an Andean buffet prepared with products from the Highlands— as a sign of abundance.

Then, attendees joined a parade, which made its way through Puno's central streets to the rhythm of Pinquillos (wind instruments), drums, and bass drums.

At the city's Manuel Pino Square, each delegation burned the wood pieces they had brought from the surrounding communities, in front of Virgen de la Candelaria Sanctuary.

Today's activities also include mass service and procession. 

The festivity will run thru February 15.


The religious festival constitutes one of the country's biggest and lengthiest cultural manifestations.

A distinctive expression of living culture, it welcomes tens of thousands of local and foreign visitors every year.


Published: 2/2/2018