Peru college students finalists at US-organized Solar Decathlon

17:11 | Lima, Jan. 29.

An innovative project by a team of engineering and architecture students from Peru's public National University of Engineering (UNI) is among the finalists in the Solar Decathlon Latin America & Caribbean 2019.

Project Jati, the Peruvian proposal, consists in a sustainable house running entirely on solar power. The dwelling uses rainwater and wastewater utilization technology to mitigate floods caused by overflowing rivers in Amazonian regions. 

On a larger scale, the project could be applied across Latin America and the Caribbean given the continent’s climate conditions. 

The national team is currently fundraising to build the Jati house and transport it to Colombia, where the final Decathlon competition is to take place in October 2019.  

"We want to spread the feeling that this project belongs to Peru, so we kindly ask for the involvement of the State. Our goal is to win the competition and be able to replicate our housing model among those who need it the most," the students explained. 

Project Jati is currently supported by UNI's Center for Renewable Energies and Rational Energy Use, the Center for Information and Communication Technologies, CIME Comercial photovoltaic panel company and the university itself. 


Published: 1/29/2018