Peru exports expected to expand 15% in 2018

14:41 | Lima, Jan. 3.

Peruvian exports are expected to close this year with an expansion between 12.3% and 15%, Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) informed on Wednesday.

Thus, making progress on a work agenda —including topics such as competitiveness improvement— is needed.

"The improvement in national competitiveness is one of the major tasks we must assume with political will and commitment," Adex Chairman Juan Varilias expressed.

"The time has come to strengthen public-private efforts in order to see tangible progress," he added in this sense.


According to Varilias, the second big challenge companies face is innovation, as well as the need to improve their productivity and create new products to rely on a more diversified portfolio.

"Peru has very dynamic policies to boost innovation. However, the general impression is that programs and allocated funds aren't used in their entirety," the officer expressed.

"For this reason, it is necessary to bring together the government, universities, and companies to review the model and make it work better," he explained.


Lastly, internationalization is the third challenge facing exporters.

Varilias noted companies must be present in as many markets as possible, know their clients, study the competition, as well as manage marketing and sales strategies.

Within this framework, it is important to set up offices overseas, develop business skills allowing companies to operate in various markets, and implement internationalization-promoting programs.


Published: 1/3/2018