Peru: Beaches and ideal destinations to welcome 2018 south of Lima

Ceviche: un plato ideal para controlar el peso y prevenir enfermedades. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

13:33 | Lima, Dec. 29.

Beaches along Cañete province in the Sur Chico area of Peru's south-central coast constitute interesting options for ringing in 2018 with family and friends.

Below is a list of places to enjoy relaxation and entertainment during the New-Year-long weekend.

The first beach along the way is Chilca (located at 62 km of Panamericana Sur Highway), followed by Lapa Lapa (67.5 km), Canarias and Puerto Nuevo (70 km), Las Lagunas de Puerto Viejo (70.8 km), Puerto Viejo (71 km), Leon Dormido (80 Km), La Ensenada (82 Km) and San Antonio (92 km), where holidaymakers can take sun rays and enjoy the sea.

El Barrancadero (118 km), Chepeconde (120 km), Lomas del Mar and Puerto Fiel (121 km), Punta Corrientes (123 km), Gallardo (124 km), Lobos and Los Reyes beaches (126 km) are situated south of Asia district.

Located at 131 km of Panamericana Sur Highway, Cerro Azul stands out among southern Lima coastline destinations. Its name derived from the blue color of its hills seen at a distance.

Cerro Azul is a popular summer destination for those who enjoy surfing. 

Additionally, the place has a seafront promenade to enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Other beaches suitable for water sports enthusiasts are Herbay (149 Km), El Hondillo (151 Km), La Casita, Los Mansos and Condor (152 Km), as well as Pepinos (153 Km).

Vacationers cannot miss Peruvian cuisine and local specialties including seafood dishes like ceviche.


Beaches are not the only attractions in the Sur Chico zone. There is another great destination if refuge outside the city is what you are looking for: Lunahuana.

Lunahuana district is less than three hours' drive south of Peru's capital city, and its jurisdiction belongs to the Cañete province. 

The trip can be made either by bus or car. 

This is the place to be if you enjoy outdoor activities and seek delicious food. It is filled with plenty of attractions including extreme sports, open-air activities, and high-quality drinks like pisco. 


Published: 12/29/2017