Peru: Lima's Magic Water Circuit opens doors to witness Christmas

Foto: Difusión

Foto: Difusión

16:20 | Lima, Dec. 22.

This year's Christmas, the Municipality of Lima and the Magic Water Circuit present Santa Claus' Home —an infrastructure full of fantasy, colors, and lights, where children are allowed to enter, make wishes, and take pictures with classic characters.

At the site, visitors will witness 11 Nativity scenes crafted by Peruvian artisans from different regions of the country like Ayacucho, Junin, and Cusco.

It must be noted such craftsmen participate in the 13th Christmas Nativity Scenes Contest, which is organized by the Cultural, Theatrical, and Social Institute —YCTIS.

Among the attractions, attendees will be able to see a Christmas tree, which rises 13 meters high (42.65 feet) and is wrapped with a large LED lights-ribbon. 

In addition to the tree, there is also a Nativity scene featuring 3D images.

As part of the Christmas circuit, people will also enjoy the amazing cybernetic fountains synchronized with water, lights, and laser effects.

The Magic Water Circuit is located inside Lima's Reserve Park. It welcomes visitors Tuesdays thru Sundays and holidays from 3:00 PM to 10:30 PM (local time).

General admission is S/4.00 (around US$ 1.22). Entry is free for children aged up to 4 and people over 65 years old.


Published: 12/22/2017