Peru among most adaptable countries in the region

Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

Foto: ANDINA/ Carlos Lezama

11:30 | Lima, Nov. 24.

Peru is the fifth most adaptable country in Latin America, according to the 2017 Change Readiness Index —a tool for analyzing countries' ability to anticipate, manage and face shifts in economic, political, societal and environmental conditions in favor of their stakeholders.

Conducted by KPMG International, the analysis focused on three pillars: i) Enterprise capability; ii) government capability and iii) people and civil society capability. 

In the case of Peru, the best performance was in the Enterprise Capability category, where it ranked 34th among 136 countries.

This result was mainly driven by its economic diversification and financial sector's activity.

Even though this is a good thing, the study states Peruvian enterprises lack infrastructure and have limited investment in innovation, research and development.

As for Civil Society Capability, the Andean nation is placed 52nd thanks to the growth of entrepreneurial activity and advances in terms of gender equality, although access to health and technology remains a pending challenge.

On the other hand, the Government Capability category had the lowest results, being security and law enforcement the most urgent problems.


Published: 11/24/2017
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