APEC: Peru President calls for further free trade to induce growth

Presidente Kuczynski participó en APEC CEO SUMMIT "Creando un nuevo dinamismo, fomentando un futuro juntos" en Vietnam.

08:45 | Da Nang (Viet Nam), Nov. 9.

Protectionism phenomenon perceived in some regions will gradually disappear, said Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, while noting the world must continue to embrace free trade to provide countries with better development opportunities.

"Dark clouds always go away, [although] sometimes it takes a little longer to do so," he said in his speech at "the 2017 APEC CEO Summit: Creating New Dynamism, Fostering A Shared Future" in Da Nang, Viet Nam.

The Head of State indicated the biggest challenge the world has to face and fight is "negativism" and, in the face of this, it must strive forward using tools offered by free trade.

"All APEC has to do is to move on, and there are several success stories with different types of arrangements we have backed within this group, such as investment and free trade agreements," he pointed out.

Mr. Kuczynski said Peru "is a big fan of APEC and free trade," and that's why it has entered into free trade agreements with much of the world.

Under APEC's umbrella, the country has signed agreements with China —whose investments keep on growing—, Viet Nam —with major investments in mobile phones and telecommunications— and, Japan —which has been a major investor for a long time. 

The Andean nation exports not only minerals but one of the best blueberries around the globe. Plus, it is about to build its Lima-based Jorge Chavez International Airport's second runway to meet the increasing demand.

Peru open to investment

"Peru is seen as a country that has made significant progress and is open to investment. I believe we project a very positive image," he told businessmen present at the Summit.

At another time, the statesman said he expects the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting will lead to the signing of definitive deals, and will "show us how cooperation works better than confrontation."  


Published: 11/9/2017