Peru: GORE resulted in 450 commitments

LIMA,PERÚ-NOVIEMBRE 07. VI Gore Ejecutivo, con los ministros de Estado y los gobernadores regionales en Palacio de Gobierno. Foto: ANDINA/Vidal Tarqui

18:22 | Lima, Nov. 7.

The 6th Executive Branch - Regional Government Meetings (GORE-Executive) allowed ministers to successfully work with regional governors thus reaching 450 commitments, Peruvian Prime Minister Mercedes Araoz affirmed Tuesday.

"We'll make sure these obligations are fulfilled. We are committed to monitoring each detail more closely," Araoz expressed in this sense.

"Our commitment remains in place, and we keep working together to benefit all Peruvians," she added.

It must be noted such GORE assemblies are aimed at meeting national regions' needs and solving problems across those territories. 

In this sense, Araoz indicated that high-ranking officials had held meetings with local authorities in order to promote construction and management works in domestic areas. 

She also said officials had addressed the Reconstruction with Changes plan at the event. 

According to Araoz, a new era of confidence —supported by a new relationship between governors— has begun thanks to such assemblies.

The two-day 6th GORE-Executive, which featured ministers and regional governors, ended on Tuesday at the Government Palace in Lima.


Published: 11/7/2017