Lima's Larco Museum receives 100,000 visits a year

LIMA,PERÚ,SETIEMBRE 25.Museo Larco Herrera de Pueblo Libre.Foto:ANDINA/Héctor Vinces.

12:43 | Lima, Nov. 7.

More than nine decades ago, Rafael Larco Hoyle brought together a vast collection of huacos and archaeological artifacts in one place. This was the origin of what we know nowadays as Larco Museum.

The museum's current director Andres Alvarez-Calderon Larco believes there is a key difference between such collection of pre-Hispanic objects and similar private displays: this one belonged to a researcher.

Thanks to this collection, Larco is one of the world's top 25 museums voted by TripAdvisor's travelers.

According to Alvarez, "Larco Museum is more than a museum, it is an experience."

The museum's script is key at this exhibition place. According to its spokesperson, the site was restored a few years ago in order to adapt to current needs.

Larco, home of one of the largest private pre-Hispanic collections, lends part of its treasures to prestigious institutions across Europe and the Americas, for temporary exhibitions.

Seeing its heritage displayed and curated by experts has led to an innovative presentation.

Alvarez explains that part of the country's history is depicted through its different exhibitions and halls as visitors pass by.

Larco Hoyle's research quality was key, as it helped him find significant pieces for his collection.
Visitors gather around specific showcases, like the one on erotic art, Chimu funerary offerings, Moche sacrifice ceramics, and Paracas textiles.

It is worth saying the museum receives some 100,000 visits a year.


Published: 11/7/2017