Peruvian Army delivers aid to flood-stricken localities

Más de 40 efectivos de la Tercera Brigada del Ejército que llegaron en la víspera vienen cumpliendo una importante labor de auxilio a la población damnificada por las inundaciones en la provincia de Picota, en la región San Martín.

17:55 | Picota (San Martin region), Nov. 3.

Over 40 Peruvian Army officers deliver humanitarian aid to the flood-stricken population of Picota province in Peru’s northern San Martin region.

Scattered over affected towns, the military contingent helps them overcome this tough situation by providing the necessary aid, cleaning flooded streets and houses as well as evacuating people to safer places.

Peru's Armed Forces also deployed three helicopters carrying relief aid to flood victims.

Said assistance included food, bottled water and tools for the clean-up process.

El Paraiso hamlet in Tres Unidos district receives most of the aid as it is the most affected region.

It must be noted five people were reported dead in such area.

Other affected population centers were Zapotillo, Santa Rosa, Alto Peru, Nueva Esperanza, San Juan, Balatal, Nuevo Progreso, La Union, Vista Hermosa, Paital Alto, Paital Bajo, Shamboyacu and Mishkiyacu.

On Thursday, Defense Minister Jorge Nieto overflew the battered zones to assess the situation.

Likewise, San Martin Region Governor Victor Noriega, Army Commander General Luis Ramos Hume and National Civil Defense Institute representatives, among other local authorities, joined the monitoring activities.


Published: 11/3/2017