Peru President pays tribute to Lord of Miracles

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

13:42 | Lima, Oct. 18.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, along with his ministerial cabinet, paid homage to the Lord of Miracles image on Wednesday morning.

The event was part of the Purple Christ's second procession of October 2017.

The Head of State offered candles and wreaths to the Christ of Pachacamilla, as the procession passed in front of the Government Palace in downtown Lima, just like last year.

The President's wife Nancy Lange, along with Ministers Mercedes Araoz (Prime), Elsa Galarza (Environment), Claudia Cooper (Economy and Finance), Fiorella Molinelli (Development and Social Inclusion), and Salvador del Solar (Culture) joined Peru's top official on the occasion.

On the other hand, Lima City Mayor Luis Castañeda Lossio followed suit once the image reached the Municipality of Lima building facade. 

According to the schedule, the Lord of Miracles procession will also be welcomed by Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani at the Archbishop's Palace to finally conclude at Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church. It will resume on Thursday.

It must be noted the activity began this morning at 06:00 AM (local time) at Las Nazarenas Church and is followed by thousands of worshipers.


Published: 10/18/2017