Peru to host Fifth Young Americas Forum

Jóvenes del continente participarán en Cumbre de las Américas en el Perú

Jóvenes del continente participarán en Cumbre de las Américas en el Perú

21:12 | Lima, Oct. 6.

The Fifth Young Americas Forum —the official process of youth participation at the VIII Summit of the Americas— will be held April 11-12 in Lima, Peru.

The event was launched on Friday at Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry headquarters.
National Coordinator of Peru and Chair of the Summits Process Ambassador Antonio Garcia Revilla said young people are key players in tackling problems in the region and securing prosperity and development of countries.

The Young Americas Forum is the space generated by the Young Americas Business Trust (YABT) in cooperation with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS).

It is the official platform where youth, as social actors, actively participate in the process of the Summits of the Americas

This Forum has become a hemispheric platform and the official channel for recommendations, suggestions and actions that young people convey to leaders and policymakers of the continent, hence contributing to the definition of the priorities and mandates of the Summits.

The gathering is a process based on virtual consultations, dialogues and special events in both regional and local levels, in the OAS Member States. 

A "Youth Declaration of Commitment" is adopted at the Young Americas Forum, with topics related to the central themes and mandates of the Summits of the Americas. Youth representatives present the Declaration at the Dialogue between Heads of Delegation with Civil Society Organizations and Social Actors.  

The implementation component for the Young Americas Forum is the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas, an international platform and business acceleration for young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

The Eighth Summit of the Americas will be held on April 13 and 14, 2018. Heads of State and Government of the Americas will in Lima to address the central theme of the Summit: "Democratic Governance against Corruption."


Published: 10/6/2017
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