Japanese documentary to show Peru's archaeological sites

“Descubriendo historias: coincidencias culturales entre Perú, Japón y Egipto”, es el título del documental que transmitirá la televisión japonesa en enero del 2018, donde mostrará la relación entre estas civilizaciones a partir de investigaciones y similitudes en la construcción de monumentos, especialmente los asentados en la región Lambayeque.

10:30 | Lima, Oct. 6.

A Japanese TV station will broadcast a new documentary on the relationship between Peruvian, Japanese and Egyptian civilizations next year.

"Exploring history: Cultural coincidences between Peru, Japan and Egypt" will be aired in Japan starting January 2018.

The show content is based on research and cross-cultural similarities in monument construction between these ancient societies.

Renowned Japanese Egyptologist and President of Higashi Nippon International University, Sakuji Yoshimura, visited Peru's northern Lambayeque region to that end. 

While in there, Yoshimura met with archaeologists Walter Alva Alva, Bernarda Delgado and Luis Chero Zurita, with whom he shared convictions about cultural similarities between the aforementioned civilizations —the show's core theme.

In addition to powerful interviews, the documentary will explore archaeological sites of Tucume, Huaca Rajada-Sipan and Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, as well as historical legacies in the region.

The shooting took place on September 16-20 and was handled by RKB-Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation staff —composed of 20 people, including Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian professionals headed by Katsuaki Takayasu.


Published: 10/6/2017