Peru to invest US$15.19 billion in water and sanitation by 2021

17:58 | Lima, Oct. 5.

The Peruvian Government will spend S/49.54 billion (about US$15.19 billion) by July 2021 to provide fresh water supply and drainage services to urban areas, Housing, Construction and Sanitation Minister Carlos Bruce disclosed on Thursday.

As per rural areas, 84% of the population will have access to drinking water and 70% will receive sewer services.

"The goal by 2021 is to provide quality drinking water and sewage services to all Peruvian citizens on a 24-hour basis. We will fulfill President Kuczynski's promise, no matter what," he affirmed.

According to Bruce, the Housing, Construction and Sanitation Ministry (MVCS) will invest S/3.5 billion (US$1.07 billion) this year, and its portfolio's 2018 budget amounts to S/7 billion (about US$2.14 billion).

"The sector allocates between US$92 million and US$122 million per month to fund sanitation works across the country," Bruce said at a conference held by Peru-China Chamber of Commerce (Capechi).

On the other hand, a total of 24 regional sanitation plans will be completed, so that sanitation investment is in line with the national policy to close gaps in sanitation services access and quality.


Published: 10/5/2017
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