Juan Diego Florez dedicates song to Peru ahead of Argentina match

Juan Diego Flórez

Juan Diego Flórez

15:10 | Lima, Oct. 4.

Peru's famed tenor Juan Diego Florez sang a well-known polka song "Peru Campeon" (Peru, the Champion) to cheer on the national soccer team ahead of the World Cup qualifier against Argentina.

Wearing the iconic white with red diagonal jersey, Florez made a wonderful rendition of Felix Figueroa's version, whose original goal was to motivate the Blanquirroja to qualify for the 1970 World Cup.

The video lasts one minute and has been posted on his Twitter page.

The lyrics were changed to an updated version, including names of current players: Caceda, Gallese, Rodriguez, Aquino, Araujo, Yotun, Polo and Paolo Guerrero

Described by Pavarotti as the singer who could replace him, Florez concludes his performance by cheering on the team and anticipating the Incas will win in Buenos Aires.


Published: 10/4/2017
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