Peru: Japanese couple gets married in Andean-styled Cusco

Con ceremonia andina pareja japonesa contrae matrimonio en Cusco. Foto: Municipalidad de Chinchero

16:34 | Cusco (Cusco region), Sep. 29.

Peru's southern Chinchero Archaeological Park was chosen by a Japanese couple —composed of Cesar Yochiro Nouchi and Maiko Katagiri— to celebrate their wedding, which was characterized by the Andean rituals attached to it.

Dressed in traditional costumes, the pair danced to the rhythm of native songs. 

The newlyweds claimed to have chosen the spectacular area to notify the Sacred Valley of the Incas' Apus (Incan deities) and the Pachamama (Mother earth) about their union, thus getting married in a spiritual way.

The wedding took place in the presence of relatives, local authorities and peasant community members, who had —previously— joined the lead actors during their tour around traditional places, which concluded at the ritual's area. At the site, Andean priests were waiting for them.

The groom, Cesar Yochiro Nouchi, is the grandson of Oscar Yokichi Nouchi —a native of Fukushima (Japan)— who migrated to Peru in 1923. The latter served as the first mayor of the then-newly-formed district of Aguas Calientes in 1939, as Machu Picchu town was known at the time.

It must be noted both Cusco and Fukushima entered into a twinning agreement last year.

It is also worth mentioning the civil marriage will take place on Saturday 30th in Machu Picchu town, Urubamba province.

The religious ceremony will be held in Japan following the Shintoism religion, which the bride professes.


Published: 9/29/2017