Peru: Pisco exports saw 12% annual average growth

Pisco licor de bandera del Perú, se vestirá de gala en Arequipa. Foto: Produce.

08:00 | Lima, Sep. 29.

Peruvian pisco exports grew at an annual average rate of 12% between 2011 and 2016, thus proving the national drink's presence in the international market, Peruvian Exporters Association (ADEX) Chairman Juan Varilias informed.

Within this framework, it is worth mentioning pisco shipments amounted to US$8.647 million last year.

According to Varilias, corresponding exports might have reached some US$4.202 million between January and August 2017. In this sense, top destinations were Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain and the United States.

Pisco has already reached new markets like Australia, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, India, Israel, Norway and the United Arab Emirates, among others.  

The Adex head also emphasized that spirit producers are innovating and creating new drinks such as coffee liqueurs, fruit cocktails, and craft beers, among others. Said products will enable producers to expand their business possibilities. 

As is known, Peru's flagship product pisco is a brandy type of drink made out of grapes. 

According to Production Ministry estimates, its output will show a positive trend this year, totaling 10.9 million liters, thus meaning a 4% increase compared to 2016. 


Published: 9/29/2017
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