Peru: Trekking route in Pomac Forest area

Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pómac,

13:49 | Chiclayo (Lambayeque region), Sep. 28.

Peruvian entrepreneurs want to open a trekking route within Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary area in Ferreñafe province, northern Lambayeque region.

This northern destination is a refuge for carob trees, birds, and varied flora. 70 bird species, 7 mammal species, and 9 reptile species have been spotted living in within the protected area.

The sanctuary houses nearly 36 pyramids from the Sican culture (called "huacas"), where archaeologists have discovered some of the finest Pre-Columbian pieces to date.

Pomac Forest is ideal for long treks, camping, horseback riding, mountain biking and many other activities.  

Con circuito buscan promover turismo en Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pómac.

The announcement was made by the sanctuary's Head Antonio Gamonal, who stressed local businesspeople's idea to attempt a new route on Las Salinas Hill within Pomac Forest.

"Peru's natural protected areas agency Sernanp regulates the conditions under which the service must be provided, through contracts, concessions, agreements and permits. We include such modalities for the private sector to work accordingly," he explained.

Santuario preserva diversas especies de flora y fauna.

"We need to define the route. We were on Las Salinas Hill last Saturday to identify the ideal route for the service, and we found an interesting path option," Gamonal told Andina news agency.

The idea is to connect travelers to properly trained local tour guides. Plus, entrepreneurs should be in charge of the logistics.

Santuario de Pómac posee hermosos escenarios naturales.

Sernanp is working to minimize environmental impacts in the area, while looking for companies that are capable to provide varied services to visitors.

"Hiking up the hill —wearing safety gear— would be something new and complement the array of services provided at this natural site such as birdwatching and horseback riding, among others," he underlined.

Se implementará una ruta especial para el 'trekking'


Published: 9/28/2017