Peru, NY Public Libraries join forces

Peru’s National Library and New York Public Library join forces

13:13 | New York (U.S.), Sep. 28.

The National Library of Peru (BNP) and the New York Public Library (NYPL) joined efforts to enhance book collection management and provide better services to readers.

To this end, BNP Director Alejandro Neyra and NYPL Vice-President for Government and Community Affairs George Mihaltses held a meeting in the Big Apple.

The gathering served to address topics such as public libraries' service provision, digitalization programs, and digital platforms access, among others. 

In this sense, the BNP official was able to acquire information relating to New York's libraries system, as well as the diverse book lending services.

"Our main goal is to build a public libraries' system nationwide," Neyra noted while stressing the relevance of the NYPL experience.

"We want this library to be a reference point for us [our institution]," he concluded.

The meeting also saw the presence of Peru's Culture Minister Salvador del Solar and NYPL Network Manager Michael Alvarez.


Published: 9/28/2017