EU pledges €12 million in anti-drug aid to Peru

Unión Europea

Unión Europea

08:00 | Lima, Sep. 14.

The European Union (EU) plans to give €12 million (around US$14.2 million) to Peru in anti-drug assistance, thus reaffirming its international cooperation efforts.

The announcement was made by State-run National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs' (Devida) head Carmen Masias.

The said resources will serve to implement projects against drug trafficking within a four-year period starting 2018.

Such projects make up a significant portion of EU's contributions within the framework of the National Strategy to Fight Drugs 2017-2021.

Public entities engaged in the strategy implementation process will adopt the pertinent measures. Devida, on the other hand, is responsible for keeping track of the results achieved.

It must be noted the EU supports Peruvian institutions by offering training in money laundering and drug trafficking, among other topics.


Published: 9/14/2017