Central America a target for Peru exports as U.S. weather conditions change



19:15 | Lima, Sep. 13.

Some Peruvian products may not make it to Florida (United States) given the emergency situation caused by the hurricanes, so Central America has become an interesting alternative market, Costa Rican Ambassador to Peru Melvin Saenz Biolley informed.

Saenz asserted the current hurricane alert and reconstruction works will prevent Peruvian shipments from entering the State of Florida.

In this sense, Central America emerges as a profitable solution to the impacts of U.S. weather events in Peruvian products.

"Since its coming into force in 2013, the Peru-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement has opened up new markets in Central America, being Costa Rica the entry point to such region," the diplomat was quoted as saying.

"In this sense, Peruvian food products, flowers, fruits, vegetables and various perishable goods destined for Miami (Florida), can now head to Central American nations without any problem," he added.

Costa Rican Ambassador said the current balance of trade between the two countries is in favor of Peru

In 2016, Costa Rica-Peru trade amounted to US$85.1 million. Likewise, Peru's trade surplus reached US$34.7 million.


Published: 9/13/2017