CNN's GBS releases first of 4 documentaries on Peru

Renovación del puente Q'eswachaka figura en especial elaborado por Great Big Story (GBS), plataforma de contenidos de CNN. ANDINA/Difusión

17:51 | Lima, Sep. 8.

Great Big Story (GBS) —the distributed video network operating under the stewardship of CNN— has developed and produced four big stories about Peru, with one of them involving a unique centuries-old Incan tradition.

Such practice involves hundreds of locals gathering to hand build a new bridge each year during the second week of June.

Moreover, GBS has produced video content on Peru's wide range of potato varieties, the country's rich wildlife and the quality of its pisco.

As stated by Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), the four big stories highlight the Inca nation's cultural and natural wealth.

These video pieces were made in partnership with Peru's Country Brand 'Marca Peru' in a bid to improve the Andean nation's image in the United States and all over the world.

"This co-production will let us show what makes Peru unique, by tapping into large audiences connected to Peruvian-like experiences and products," said PromPeru Communications and Country Image Director Isabella Falco.

Handwoven Bridge

The first Peruvian documentary in the lineup tells the story of a unique centuries-old Incan tradition that continues to this day.

El especial muestra el ritual ancestral de la renovación del puente colgante Inca.

Every second week of June, Cusco inhabitants get together to hand build a 124-foot-long Q'eswachaka Bridge to honor the Andean gods.

Locals remove the previous year's bridge and build a new one in only three days, using natural fibers, lots of dedication and teamwork.

Each short documentary will be released every Tuesday of September on GBS website and social networks, as well as on CNN Airport Network in more than 48 airports throughout the U.S.


Published: 9/8/2017