Peru: Paracas to draw US$6 million in revenue during CADE 2017

El ministro de la Producción, Jorge Villasante, junto a representantes de la Tercera Reunión Ministerial del APEC de los Océanos (AOMM3), visitan las Islas Ballestas en la ciudad de Paracas en Ica. Foto: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

13:01 | Paracas (Ica region), Sep. 8.

Peru's Paracas beach resort will draw some US$6 million in revenue during the 55th Annual Conference of Executives (CADE-Executives 2017), Paracas Tourism and Foreign Trade Chamber (Capatur) projected today.

The entrepreneurial event will take place on November 29 – December 1 in the beach area located 272 km south of the nation's capital city, Lima.

"That amount translates into revenue from accommodations, food, trips to the Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve, as well as handicrafts," Capatur Chairman Eduardo Jauregui expressed.

In this regard, he noted the city's hotels will be fully booked for the 2,000 attendees expected for the event.

Likewise, the Capatur head thanked CADE-Executives 2017 organizers for trusting in Paracas "where pure air is breathed, which is also open to investments."

Hotel investment

On the other hand, Jauregui underlined that two U.S. hotel chains have shown great interest in investing in Paracas.

According to the officer, one of them already operates in Lima. 

Finally, he assured corresponding construction works will start before 2021, Peru's Independence Bicentennial year.

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas Reserve is a privileged place on the Peruvian coast for nature tourism, since it hosts a great biological diversity, especially marine-coastal species.

The area is home to nearly 216 species of birds, 36 of mammals, 10 of reptiles, 168 of fish and a large number of invertebrates, which are at the bottom of the trophic chain in this important place.

Vegetation is scarce in this paradisiacal location, but a few coastal hills can be seen on top of the mountains, which serve as habitats for various reptiles, insects, birds and some mammals. 

Paracas National Reserve is situated at km 245 of the Panamericana Sur Highway, and can be reached in approximately four hours by car.


Published: 9/8/2017