Peru Development Minister oversees social programs in Apurimac region

La ministra de Desarrollo e Inclusión Social, Fiorella Molinelli, llegó al distrito de Curahuasi, provincia de Abancay, región Apurímac, para supervisar el desempeño de los programas sociales Qali Warma y Cuna Más.

17:42 | Curahuasi (Apurimac region), Sep. 7.

Development and Social Inclusion Minister Fiorella Molinelli arrived in South-Andean Curahuasi district to supervise progress of State-run Qali Warma and Cuna Mas social programs.

Qali Warma

For 2017, National Qali Warma School Food Program aims at distributing breakfasts and lunches to over 3.7 million students from more than 62,000 public schools nationwide.

The program has two main objectives. First: it aims to provide children with all the required nutrients according to their local consumption habits, ages and environment; and —secondly— to promote better eating habits. 

Cuna Mas

Likewise, Cuna Mas National Program aims at enhancing the development of children —aged 3 years or less— in areas of poverty and extreme poverty to overcome the gaps in their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.

Said program also comprises day-care services for children requiring access to basic needs such as health, nutrition, recreation, learning and motor skill development. 


Published: 9/7/2017