Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet takes place today

Los presidentes del Perú, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, y de Chile, Michelle Bachelet, se reunen con empresarios de ambos países en la sede de la Cancillería, en el marco del Encuentro Presidencial y I Gabinete Binacional Perú-Chile. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

08:00 | Lima, Jul. 7.

The first Peru-Chile Binational Cabinet meeting scheduled for Friday will cover five work axes under the common agenda, Peru's Foreign Affairs Ministry informed.

The meeting's major fields include: (i) social affairs and cultural issues; (ii) security and defense; (iii) foreign trade, investments, tourism, science and technology; (iv) environment, energy and mining issues; and (v) border integration.

Peru's Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Luna said the Binational Cabinet is intended to bring the two countries closer together with a view to addressing common problems in specific areas that may benefit their populations.

As is known, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet arrived Thursday and joined Peruvian counterpart Pedro Pablo Kuczynski at a meeting with businesspeople, as part of her first activity in the capital city, Lima.

Accompanied by their Foreign Affairs ministers and ambassadors, the two leaders are set to hold a private audience prior to the Binational Cabinet this Friday.

State ministers will do the same to define the shared working agenda.

The Binational Cabinet will kick off afterwards and conclude with the signing of the Lima Declaration.


Published: 7/7/2017