Peru: Over 900 ha of coca crops eradicated in Huanuco, Ucayali

erradicación de la coca

erradicación de la coca

00:00 | Lima, Apr. 27.

Peru's State-run Special Project for Control and Reduction of Illegal Crops in Alto Huallaga (CORAH) eradicated 927.97 hectares (ha) of coca plantations in Huanuco and Ucayali regions between April 7 and 24.

Coca fields destroyed were located in the cities: Campo Verde, Tournavista, Von Humboldt, Honoria, Aucayacu, Irazola and Padre Abad.

Best results were obtained in the district of Aucayacu (Huanuco) where agents eradicated 372.5 ha.

Similarly, CORAH conducted successful interventions in Irazola and Campo Verde districts (Ucayali), where operations destroyed 258.48 ha and 103.89 ha, respectively. 

Counternarcotic authorities also discovered —and neutralized— ten drug laboratories, as well as three rustic labs in the said towns. 

Hard blows

Many of the said drug-related finds were discovered during operations conducted by Peru National Police's Special Interdiction Team in the Upper Huallaga area.

On April 21, an intervention in Chinchao district (Huanuco) led to the seizure of a motorcycle carrying 31 kg of marijuana. 

On the same day, the team discovered a rustic lab in Padre de Abad district (Ucayali), where 1,150 kg of coca leaves were macerating. 

In addition, authorities found 960 kg of gasoline, 8,000 kg of detritus and 82.30 kg of cocaine sulfate.

The last drug bust took place on April 24 in Constitution district (Pasco region), where agents seized 31 kg of cocaine sulfate. 


Published: 4/27/2017