Canadian Parliament hosts Pacific Alliance gastronomic festival

Evento gastronomico de la AP en Canada

Evento gastronomico de la AP en Canada

08:00 | Ottawa (Canada), Apr. 21.

The Canadian Parliament hosted the fourth edition of a gastronomic event organized by Pacific Alliance (PA) member countries to forge closer ties with the North American legislative body.

Held last week, the festival saw the presence of Canadian high-ranking officials Geoff Regan, Speaker of the House of Commons, as well as George Furey, Speaker of the Senate.

At the event, PA representatives shared the bloc's progress with members of both houses of Parliament, Canadian authorities and special guests to promote the relevance of the four-country trade initiative.

Likewise, the activity included a tasting of traditional foods and national drinks presented by each PA member nation, i.e. Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
Both Parliament Speakers highlighted the bloc's development, as well as Canada's observer role.

In this sense, the law-making authorities highlighted values shared by their homeland and the trade bloc, as well as the fundamental democratic principles that characterize PA members.
Lastly, Chile —currently holding the bloc's pro tempore presidency— underlined results achieved at a meeting with TPP signatories, which includes Canada.

The Pacific Alliance moves towards the free circulation of people, goods and services across member States' territories for the benefit of their populations.


Published: 4/21/2017