France expresses solidarity to Peru over Coastal Niño event

Segunda vicepresidenta de la República, Mercedes Aráoz, fue recibida hoy en París por el ministro de Asuntos Exteriores de Francia, Jean-Marc Ayrault. Foto: Difusión.

12:58 | Paris (France), Apr. 20.

Second Vice President Mercedes Araoz on Thursday was welcomed by French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Marc Ayrault, who expressed his country's solidarity with Peru following natural disasters triggered by "Coastal El Niño" phenomenon.

Peru is currently at the mercy of "Coastal El Niño" phenomenon characterized by heavy rains, landslides and floods that have destroyed infrastructure and crops, as well as left many citizens homeless.

The government officials discussed the strengthening of bilateral relations and the recent technical support provided by France for emergency-response efforts in the Inca nation.

The dialogue also included a review of the countries' historical and political bilateral ties, reflected in political terms by the partnership between the Peruvian COP20 presidency and the French COP21 presidency which resulted in the conclusion of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Araoz and Ayrault also addressed the concession contract awarded to Vinci for an urban expressway in Lima, the largest French investment in the country, as well as the awarding of a concession contract to POMA for a cable car system in Kuelap, reflect the strengthening of our bilateral economic ties.

Lastly, the meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the question of Peru's rapprochement with the OECD, a process which France fully supports.


Published: 4/20/2017