Peru President presides over 20th anniversary of Chavin de Huantar operation

El Jefe del Estado, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, impone la condecoración Orden Militar de Ayacucho en el grado de Gran Cruz al estandarte de la operación militar Chavín de Huántar. Foto: ANDINA/ Prensa Presidencia

09:32 | Lima, Apr. 20.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski presides over the ceremony marking the 20th Anniversary of Chavin de Huantar Operation and Military Bravery Day commemorating the rescue of 72 hostages at the Japanese ambassador's residence carried out by Armed Forces commandos.

The act sees the participation of Defense Minister Jorge Nieto Montesinos, Armed Forces Joint Command Chief Admiral Jose Luis Paredes Lora, as well as Commander Generals Luis Ramos Hume (Army), Gonzalo Rios Polastri (Navy) and Javier Ramirez Guillen (Air Force).

Also attending are authorities from the different branches of government, former hostages, and relatives of military members who took part in said operation on 22 April 1997.

The ceremony is intended to honor each of the Chavin de Huantar commandos for their dedication and courage demonstrated during the most successful hostage rescue mission in world history.

It takes place at the replica of Japanese ambassador’s residence located at Las Palmas Ave. in Lima district of Chorrillos.

As is known, Chavin de Huantar commandos took part in the rescue of hostages held captive by terrorist Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA) in Peru back in 1997.


Published: 4/20/2017