Peru President urges rapid resolution of Chavin de Huantar commandos' judicial proceedings

ANDINA/Prensa Presidencia

15:26 | Lima, Apr. 19.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski urged authorities to resolve ongoing judicial proceedings against commandos who took part in the Chavin de Huantar military operation that rescued 72 hostages held captive by terrorist Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA).

"We expect a resolution of judicial proceedings. Justice has to be fair, but fast; it cannot take 20 years. This has to come to an end," the Head of State emphasized.

The dramatic rescue operation put an end to the war against terrorism, the Head of State said during a ceremony held a few days before its 20th anniversary.

"You not only freed 72 hostages held captive for 126 days at the Japanese ambassador's residence. You freed, above all, 24 million Peruvians who were also hostages of terror [...]," Mr. Kuczynski stated.

Among kidnapped people were high-profile government officials and other personalities from both countries, Japan and Peru.

"The hostages' courage was an example of the character developed despite threats day after day," he added.

Peru's top official recalled hostages had to recover from severe psychological pressures as a result of experiencing permanent threat and living in state of uncertainty caused by the fear of being murdered.

The Peruvian leader stressed commandos put an end to the country's suffering by risking their own lives.

"It is time to grant the recognition this nation owes you," Mr. Kuczynski said as he placed particular emphasis on those dead: former Supreme Court Justice Carlos Giusti, Colonel Juan Valer and Captain Raul Jimenez.

The 78-year-old statesman also awarded Military Order of Ayacucho in the Grade of Grand Cross to Chavin de Huantar military operation members.

Held at the courtyard of Lima-based Government Palace, the ceremony saw the presence of State ministers, as well as political and military authorities.


Published: 4/19/2017