Chile to deliver aid to disaster-stricken Peru

La Fuerza Aérea del Perú (FAP) trasladó hasta el momento a más de 1,400 personas en el puente aéreo entre Chiclayo, Piura, Trujillo y Lima, instaurado en la víspera para ayudar a las personas de esas regiones donde las carreteras resultaron afectadas por las torrenciales lluvias.

14:46 | Lima, Mar. 20.

Chile's government will send today 18-20 tons of humanitarian aid for Peru to tackle emergencies recently caused by natural disasters, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet stated.

Donations will include water, food and hygiene kits, Mrs. Bachelet posted on Twitter, thus joining the campaign titled "Una Sola Fuerza" (A Single Force).

Likewise, Chile's top official reaffirmed her commitment to support the Inca nation during the upcoming stages.

Chile was one of the first countries to extend solidarity to Peruvian population and authorities following emergencies caused by the onslaughts of nature in various regions.

It must be noted Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and France have also showed solidarity with the Andean country.


Published: 3/20/2017