Peru: Tons of aid delivered for disaster victims

11:42 | Lima, Mar. 20.

Support provided by the private sector and the general population have translated into tons of humanitarian aid for rain-related flood and landslide victims across the country, Peru's Production Ministry highlighted.

The government stressed emergency relief efforts cannot be delayed, since "the situation calls for immediate action."

"Thanks to the contribution of the private sector and the general population, over 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid collected through donations have been channeled in the past two days," Minister Bruno Giuffra affirmed. 

He specified 800 tons were shipped to Chimbote and Trujillo cities in the last 24 hours. 

BAP Montero Navy ship also sailed off bound for Trujillo carrying more than 30 tons of aid, whereas Natalia fishing vessel departed taking nearly 300 tons of aid to Piura region. 

"Assistance was also provided to Lima [region] southern areas Mala and Cañete; Chosica, Huachipa and Carapongo received water and food supplies as well," he informed.

"Huarmey has received considerable water supplies, as well as over 90,000 cans of food shipped from Chimbote by Hayduk company."

Similarly, Corporacion Lindley contributed 300,000 liters of water for Trujillo region.

"We need water, noodles, pulses, crackers, canned food, clothing, diapers, personal hygiene items, water boots, waterproof ponchos and flashlights," the minister requested. 


Published: 3/20/2017