Peru: Over 1,000 jobs to be created in natural disaster-stricken region

MTPE genera más de 1,000 empleos temporales para población vulnerable de Cajamarca.Foto: ANDINA/Difusión

08:00 | Cajamarca (Cajamarca region), Mar. 19.

State-run Trabaja Peru (Work, Peru) program will create 1,132 temporary jobs for disaster-affected people in northern Cajamarca region, Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE) Minister Alfonso Grados announced.

Trabaja Peru is a social program designed to create sustainable and quality jobs in favor of unemployed or underemployed population. 

On this occasion, it will promote development of infrastructure projects in areas affected by heavy rains and landslides.

Target beneficiaries will include citizens from 15 districts where states of emergency have been declared.  

According to the Cabinet member, various commitments were made during dialogue between the program team and local mayors.

Commitments are aimed at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas affected by onslaughts of nature.

In addition, Grados underlined the covenant does not only seek progress in the community, but also the creation of jobs for the population. 

“These agreements will allow them [people] to access temporary jobs through the construction of seven prevention projects, and nine for immediate implementation, whose investment amounts to more than S/4 million [around US$1.23 million],” he said.


Published: 3/19/2017