Steady rain causes rivers to overflow, further damage reported (videos)

Crecida del río Chillón afecto a pobladores de la rinconada en Carabayllo. Foto: ANDINA/ Jhony Laurente

17:07 | Lima, Mar. 18.

Steady heavy rain over the past hours has caused Rimac and Chillon Rivers to overflow, leading to further damage and greater losses for the population.

Chillon River water level increased near La Rinconada de Carabayllo urbanization, located in northern Lima, affecting locals whose precarious houses got partly flooded.  

Water damaged wood and precast material constructions, as well as their furniture, leaving properties in inhabitable conditions. The situation led inhabitants to remove their goods and place them in the street. 

Neighbors request aid from authorities. Most of their needs include: water, food, tents and medicine.

On the other hand, Rimac River overflew again, inundating streets and avenues in Chosica on Saturday morning. 

Water flows aggressively along the road and the highest critical level of water reached one meter and a half, bringing people to their roofs. 

Neighbors need urgent help as they cannot get out of their homes.

Footages below show river area damage from previous overflowing.


Published: 3/18/2017