Gov't Palace collects donations for affected people in Peru

Fachada de Palacio de Gobierno.Foto: ANDINA/Archivo

Fachada de Palacio de Gobierno.Foto: ANDINA/Archivo

12:41 | Lima, Mar. 18.

Peru’s Government Palace on Saturday joined the donation drive for families affected by heavy rains, landslides and floods nationwide.

As is known, Peru, mainly the northern area, is currently at the mercy of the onslaughts of nature. 
The President's wife Nancy Lange is leading the initiative at the Government Palace's courtyard. 

In this sense, Mrs. Lange urged every citizen to join the campaign “Una sola fuerza” (A Single Force).

“I call on Peruvians to help, we are going to work together,” she said. 

In a Twitter post on Friday, she said: “The Executive Power’s headquarters have turned into a new collection point.” 

Likewise, Peru President’s wife underlined the force of nature will not triumph over the solidarity of Peruvians. 

Donations should include non-perishable food, clothes, bottled water, sunscreen, repellent and rubber boots, among others.  


Published: 3/18/2017