U.S. Embassy donates state-of-the-art equipment to Peru National Police

Autoridades de Estados Unidos y Perú en ceremonia de entrega de donativos. Foto: Difusión

Autoridades de Estados Unidos y Perú en ceremonia de entrega de donativos. Foto: Difusión

14:47 | Lima, Mar. 10.

U.S. Ambassador to Peru Brian A. Nichols on Friday handed over Callao Police Region a generous donation comprising computer equipment, software and furniture for 105 Emergency Center, as well as vehicles for four precincts.

The ceremony saw the presence of Deputy Public Security Minister Ricardo Valdes, Chief General of the National Police Vicente Romero, among other authorities.

The donation takes place within the framework of Comisarias Modelo (Role Model Precinct) program, launched following the signing of an agreement between Peru's Interior Ministry and the U.S. Embassy's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). 

Valued at US$190,000, the contribution consists of 12 monitors for real-time control, 5 computer equipments and software, office furniture, 4 Chevrolet vehicles, 14 motorcycles for Role Model Precincts, as well as 24 desk sets.

The donation will go hand-in-hand with training, technical assistance, equipping and mentoring activities, which include the setting up of a video wall at 105 Emergency Center.

There, National Police agents will monitor streets, observe vehicle traffic patterns, as well as track police vehicles, thus significantly reducing response times to emergency calls.

Role Model Precincts program supports community-based policing strategies as a way to prevent and curb crime, domestic violence and citizen insecurity. 

The initiative thus supplements government efforts in guaranteeing citizen security through Barrio Seguro ('Safe Neighborhood') program. 


Published: 3/10/2017