Peru seeks US$200 million in damages in Odebrecht case



11:21 | Lima, Feb. 17.

Peru Special State Attorney’s Office for Brazilian Companies Corruption Cases will claim US$200 million in damages in investigations into construction giant Odebrecht’s alleged bribes, its head Katherine Ampuero announced.

The sum constitutes an estimate amount that will grow as investigations move forward. Said probes seek to clarify bribes paid by Odebrecht to secure the Inter-Oceanic Highway and Lima Metro Line 1 contracts during the presidencies of Alejandro Toledo and Alan Garcia, respectively.

Ampuero also stressed the said sum is joint and several, and shall be paid by eight individuals investigated so far if a sentence is passed. These include former President Alejandro Toledo, former Deputy Communications Minister Jorge Cuba, former government official Edwin Luyo, among others.

The claim is to be presented today at a public audience called by the National Criminal Court. The audience will assess whether the State is to be regarded as a claimant in this case.

“The law requires that a sum for damages be established provisionally when becoming a claimant,” she told RPP radio and TV news station.

Likewise, she added corruption investigations will track the money route. 

Villaran probed

On the other hand, Ampuero affirmed the State Attorney’s Office also assesses the possibility of investigating former Lima Mayor Susana Villaran and the financing received for her anti-revocation campaign.

If evidence is found, Villaran will be investigated, just like all parties who turn out to be liable. 


Published: 2/17/2017